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A Glimpse at July Workplace Material Handling & Safety

By Joan Mantini

Welcome to the July issue of Workplace Material Handling & Safety; this month, we focus on construction worker safety and distribution center solutions, primarily in the ever-so-essential packaging industry.

Now that things are heating up, heat stress in the workplace is once again a hot topic. It is important to understand and be able to formulate a customized, work-rest schedule to keep workers safe in hot, humid working conditions, and the July issue is the place where you can find more on this topic.

Let’s turn our heads to forklift safety. Remember in June, when National Forklift Safety 2020 was promoted for its 7th consecutive year? Supporting the awareness, our newly added column, the Forklift Forum, follows up on this topic, discussing how to prevent forklift accidents and why proper training in forklift operating is an investment well worth the costs.

Amongst the many changes 2020 has brought, the rise in eCommerce was one that will come quickly to mind. Indeed, eCommerce is here, and it is here to stay! This rise has conveyed some interesting challenges to both companies and consumers. Many companies continue to focus on remaining eco-friendly while demand is high, and the supply chain fought to keep up. In this issue, we take a look at the distribution centers and solutions proven to be beneficial.

In today’s packaging industry, printing barcodes is critical to providing seamlessness and visibility across any type of operations. Amongst the articles in July, readers can learn how packaging providers can drive efficiencies with advances in barcode labeling. This article provides keyways on how packaging providers can use barcoding today, along with recommendations on how an organization can choose the optimum label printers.

Did you know that, in the U.S. alone, there are approximately 2 billion pallets in circulation, and the vast majority of these are made of wood? In “The Environmental and Economic Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pallets,” readers can discover more about the lifecycle of pallets; the environmental issues associated with wood pallets; and why the supply chain is not getting a very efficient product. However, to combat these issues, while driving sustainability gains and reducing costs, companies across a range of industries have turned to reusable plastic pallets as a solution.

Another essential aspect of materials handling, and parcels processing and distribution, are catchweighers, which in North America are more commonly known as in-motion scales. In a fast-paced distribution environment, catchweighers must operate both swiftly and with exacting accuracy; in terms of precision, the weigh cell becomes the central mission-critical element. The article “Weight to Go” explains how Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology works in the weigh cells of in-motion scales and compares this relatively recent technology to conventional weighing methods.

Certainly, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) goods-to-person solutions have been around in DCs and warehouses for several decades; however, the major differences today are the flexibility, speeds, efficiencies and reliability these technologies can provide. What are the changes for “new normal” business demands on AS/RS and order fulfillment? Learn more in the article titled: “Critical Hybrid AMR and AS/RS Systems Help Solve the New Normal.”

After enjoying our July issue, stay tuned for next month where we dive deeper into the rise of material handling in eCommerce as it continues to grow.

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