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Clayco Improves Worker Safety With New Safety Helmet

Clayco workers will be safer on the job thanks to a new partnership with STUDSON to bring a first-of-its-kind safety helmet to its employees across North America. The new protective gear from North American safety helmet innovator STUDSON provides better protection than standard hard hats for employees of Clayco, the full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build, and construction firm.

The initial 3,000-unit shipment of the SHK-1 Full Brim Safety Helmet, using STUDSON as the exclusive provider, represents Clayco’s first step in its planned transition to adopt the first-ever full-brim type II safety helmet in North America for employees across the organization.

The helmets have numerous innovations to keep workers safe. Inside, the safety helmet features Koroyd welded tube polymer for absorbing impact. The Koroyd material provides more effective heat dissipation and venting via its cellular structure design. On the shell, the embedded Twiceme technology digitally integrates a wearer’s health data. In the event of an emergency, that data is accessible via a smartphone NFC chip reader viewable through an SMS text message or the TwiceMe app available for iOS or Android devices.

Making its debut at the American Society of Safety Professionals (AASP) Safety Show in June, STUDSON initially launched the SHK-1 Full Brim Type II Safety Helmet for pre-orders. The helmets, including a non-vented Class E version for electrical workers, are now available for purchase.

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