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Construction Worker Safety Guide

Construction sites are dangerous places to be. There are many hazards and obstacles present that can seriously injure a worker if they are not careful. For this reason, organizations like OSHA have made a huge effort to reduce the risk of construction workers. This construction worker safety guide breaks down the rules and regulations in place for construction sites, the short term and long term risks for construction workers, and how employees and employers can be safer at work.

Not only are workers at risk of obvious incidents like slips from heights, getting struck by objects, and electrocution, but there are long term effects of the job that are often overlooked. An example is the fact that lung cancer and lung diseases are more prevalent in construction workers. Also, workers are more prone to hearing loss and musculoskeletal disorders later in life (50% and 40% respectively).

Even though OSHA has clear guidelines, employees and employers can ignore them. Some of the most common issues that cause injuries are listed below.

  • Failure to communicate hazards
  • Improper crane use
  • Lack of head protection
  • Poorly constructed trenches
  • Faulty ladders
  • Improper scaffolding use
  • Improper equipment on an excavation site
  • Inadequate training on machinery operations
  • Improperly maintained stairways

Construction workers are crucial for our cities and towns to function properly. Because of them we are able to commute to work, live/work in buildings, and practically everything else. It’s important that they stay safe at work and protect their long term health to the best of their ability. For more in-depth information read this construction worker safety guide.

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