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Magid Revolutionizes Coreless Cut Protection with New DX+ Technology

Magid has taken coreless cut protection to the next level with DX+ Technology® (“DX Plus Technology”). Building on the groundbreaking advances of Magid’s 2018 DX Technology®, DX+ is even lighter and gives workers higher cut protection, up to ANSI Level A6, without sacrificing comfort.

What makes Magid’s DX+ Technology one-of-a kind?

  • Extreme comfort that’s 30 percent lighter than traditional gloves of the same cut level;
  • Highest coreless cut protection without fiberglass or steel core discomfort; and
  • Cool to the touch, which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working.

Magid offers two new safety gloves that feature DX+ Technology: the DXPG52 (ANSI Cut Level A5) and DXPG62 (ANSI Cut Level A6) both include a polyurethane palm coating which maintains dexterity while delivering excellent grip. This makes the gloves useful in industries like appliance manufacturing, automotive, construction, glass handling, machining, metal handling, metal stamping, and paper production where laceration hazards may be present.

“Comfort is a key factor that influences worker compliance. Magid’s DX+ Technology will enable customers who require higher cut protection to get the comfort benefits of coreless technology they’ve been missing out on.” said Sarah Anderson, director of product management, Magid.

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