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From Accuform: Current Trends in Safety Signage – and what’s ahead in 2021

Workplace Material Handling & Safety sat down with Accuform for a deep dive into how companies can make the most of emerging trends in safety signage. From its 100,000+ square foot manufacturing and administrative facilities in Brooksville, Florida, Accuform has been creating safety signs, labels, tags, procedures and strategies for more than four decades, addressing safety “from the front gate to the back dock.”

Are more companies choosing to customize their safety signage these days?

More companies are requesting signage to be branded for a consistent look and feel throughout the workplace. Creating branded signage shows company pride and can create a more motivated and informed workforce – ultimately creating a safer environment.

Accuform’s custom arc flash signs come in various materials, including aluminum, reflective aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and vinyl. How do customers know which one is best for them?

Our custom arc flash signs are available in various materials designed to meet virtually every industrial environment. Custom material options include Adhesive Vinyl, Aluma-Lite, Aluminum, Dura-Plastic, Accu-Shield, and so much more.

Have you seen a change in customer preferences due to COVID-19?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed an increase in the need for disposable face shields. Since most face shields were hard to find and had longer than standard lead times, our team worked on an Accuform branded Disposable Face Shield to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

What if a company is unsure about how to use the online process to design safety signs?

Although our custom builder is a simple solution for ordering custom, if a company is unsure how to use the online custom builder, they can contact our dedicated customer service team at for a custom quote request.

Do companies get a chance to check the spelling and content before the sign is fabricated?

Before printing all custom requests, the proof is sent to the company for approval. Once the approval is submitted, production will start manufacturing the custom request.

What new trends in sign safety are you currently seeing? Do you think this will remain for 2021?

The new trend in safety signs is that more companies are taking advantage of unique places to promote health and safety messages – such as the floor. Floor safety messages are proven to be a popular and effective method for communicating messages in virtually every industry.

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