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Garlock Safety Systems Launches New Safety Industry Icon

Garlock Safety Systems, your Trusted Advisor in fall prevention; is excited to launch its latest version of LedgeGuard™, a safety industry icon.

This new design utilizes the latest in component modularity, materials, and manufacturing efficiency.

In addition, the new design is gas strut free which results in a more reliable product that further drives down the total cost of ownership. And the gate is just as easy to lift as the old version. The new maintenance free hardened gear set has been tested to over 5,000 cycles which equates to using it 3 times a day, 365 days a year for 5 years!

Ledgeguard’s open top design accommodates tall pallets and is the ideal solution if product need to be hoisted up and out from the top.

Feature and benefit summary:

  • OSHA compliant and workers always protected regardless of which side of the gate is open;
  • Open top design for tall pallets or hoisting product in and out of the gate;
  • Nominal 60” X 60” gate is sized perfectly for standard 48” X 40” pallets;
  • Easy to open and close without gas struts for maximum reliability;
  • Hardened gears for reliability in hard use applications;
  • Assembly hardware included; anchors sold separately.

Reach out to learn more on how Garlock Safety Systems can help protect your people!

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