What, Why and Where: Accuform Explains How to Use LOTO Solutions

Workplace Material Handling & Safety sat down with Accuform to learn what companies need to know about protecting their workers by choosing the right lockout/tagout (LOTO) products for their workplaces and using them correctly. From its 100,000+ square foot manufacturing and administrative facilities in Brooksville, Florida, Accuform has been creating safety signs, labels, tags, procedures and strategies for more than four decades, addressing safety “from the front gate to the back dock.”

Among its STOPOUT® lockout devices and tagout product line, Accuform offers both anodized aluminum padlocks and plastic body aluminum padlocks with a hardened steel shackle. Why would one or the other be chosen for a particular environment or piece of equipment?  

Anodized aluminum makes padlocks suitable for lockout in food processing facilities and corrosion resistant, ideal for tough environments.

The Plastic Body Aluminum Padlocks with Hardened Steel Shackle is a non-conductive padlock. The plastic casing does not allow the transfer of heat or an electrical charge. Yet the solid aluminum core offers strength and durability.

The single- and double-pole circuit breaker lockouts can be applied quickly. Why is that important? 

Circuit breakers are the primary point of electrical isolation for maintenance workers. Making our single- and double-pole circuit breaker lockouts convenient for their quick and easy application.

The Store-Board™ kit combinations come with padlocks, tags, ties, hasps, and safety booklets. What is the advantage of using them in tandem with a Store-Board™?

The Store-Board™ kit provides a combination of innovative tools that hook onto a shadow board so workers can identify when a tool is missing.

Where should the Store-Boards™ be placed within a facility?

Place 5S Store-Boards™ close to workstations to allow workers to quickly find the tools they need and place them back after they’re finished in an organized fashion by setting the devices on the hooks attached to the boards.

What if Accuform’s available Lockout Store-Board™ options don’t quite fit a customer’s needs?

If a Lockout Store-Board™ doesn’t meet our customers’ needs, we offer customized options created specifically for their requirements.

What makes the STOPOUT® Gate Valve Handle tamper-proof?

Our STOPOUT® Gate Valve was designed with a unique pry guard that prevents the ability to insert a screwdriver between the halves to pry them apart.

Visit Accuform.com/STOPOUT to learn more about these LOTO solutions.