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Meet sustainability standards without compromising durability with our biodegradable hand protection solutions.

When going through the Sentinel by SHOWA process, we delve deeper into the implications of prolonged glove usage on our planet. We integrate our cutting-edge Eco-Best Technology (EBT) in our glove recommendations for your team.

Unlike traditional gloves, which can take over a century to biodegrade, our EBT gloves decompose into natural compounds within a significantly reduced timeframe of just 1-5 years when disposed of properly.

Hand injuries are among the most common workplace accidents in the U.S. To mitigate risk and reduce associated expenses, you need a customized safety solution for your business.

For industries of all kinds, Sentinel by SHOWA is the trusted solution for hand protection. We combine real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to identify potential hazards, implement the latest technology, and save you time and money.

Sentinel by SHOWA takes a 5-step approach to revolutionize hand protection at your business:

  1. EVALUATE: Our highly trained experts conduct a comprehensive onsite hazard assessment, auditing your glove usage to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities to mitigate risk.
  2. BENCHMARK: We work with you to measure current performance using metrics that align with your business goals.
  3. IMPLEMENT: In adherence with OSHA regulations, we develop a customized safety plan for your business that uses the right gloves for the right jobs. Plus, we train your employees on how and why to implement our strategies for success.
  4. MEASURE: Comparing new performance data to your benchmarks allows us to quantify Sentinel’s impact on your operations.
  5. MANAGE: We are with you for the long haul. Our team provides ongoing support to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

With our customized approach, Sentinel by SHOWA has provided our customers with cost savings of up to 33%.

We are committed to the success of your business. Get in touch to learn more about how Sentinel by SHOWA can transform your operations to create a safer workplace.

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