Bollé Safety Earns EcoVadis Gold Medal Sustainability Accreditation

September 22, 2023

Bollé Safety is proud to announce that its European division has been awarded a prestigious EcoVadis sustainability Gold Medal accreditation. This recognition places the company amongst the Top 5 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis in more than 175 countries worldwide, and underscores Bollé Safety’s dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. Part of the…


Eye and Face Protection – Regulation 29 CFR 1926.102

September 12, 2023

Enforcement from October 2021-September 2022 Total citations: 1,549 Total inspections: 1,544 Total proposed penalties: $6,155,871 Most Frequently Violated OSHA Standard Ranking–Number 9 Industries most often violating eye and face protection requirements: Construction: 1,519, 1,514, $6,059,623 Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services: 10, 10, $20,860 Professional, Scientific and Technical Services: 6, 6, $18,906…


Tips for Conducting an Eye Safety Toolbox Talk with Construction Workers

July 25, 2023

By: Maureen Paraventi Thousands of eye injuries occur every day in U.S. workplaces – many of them in the construction industry, which has one of the highest eye injury rates. Particles of dust, wood chips, slag and drywall, cement chips, metal slivers, nails, staples and other objects can be blown by the wind, dropped by…


How Technology Is Changing the Safety Glasses Market for Construction Workers

July 14, 2023

By Kris Eichelberger, Contributor Technology is changing the way business is done and nowhere is this more evident than in the construction market. From the use of more durable, longer lasting materials to lighter weight, more versatile tools, the construction industry is in a constant state of evolution. While tools and machinery have come a…


Bouton® by PIP® Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ 250-14-0520 Fogless Safety Glasses

July 9, 2023

Introducing a new era of lightweight safety eyewear. The Bouton® Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ 250-14-0520 is the lightest eye protection on the market and is designed to conform to the face to reduce gaps for a safer and more comfortable all-day fit. The lenses feature Bouton® FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology which continues to bead away water and moisture,…


Brass Knuckle Announces Face Shield with Built-In Goggles

June 20, 2023

Typically, when workers wear a face shield, they still have safety glasses on underneath. That’s because most face shields have gaps on the bottom and sides that can let the nasty in. But Vader Combo is a different sort of face protection. It’s a face shield with the safety goggles built-in. It’s one wearable piece…


Cementex Highlights Arc-Rated PPE Task Wear

May 9, 2023

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE, a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety. While still using premium USA labor and materials, Cementex offers Arc Flash Task Wear with reliable, classic protection for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized…


How to Choose the Proper Face Protection

May 2, 2023

By: Rick Pedley, Contributor Handling materials in the workplace can leave a person’s eyes and face vulnerable to a variety of hazards. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers must ensure that all affected workers wear adequate face protection when exposed to flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids,…


Is the Water in Your Eyewashes Clean?

April 4, 2023

Having eyewash facilities in a workplace where hazardous chemicals are used is a must. So is making sure that an eyewash will deliver the proper flow level and water temperature. While some employers take care to fulfill those two requirements, they may neglect a third, equally important one: ensuring that the water in an eyewash…


Get the Jump on Eye Protection

March 17, 2023

Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) jumps from job to job Get the jump on eye safety with the versatile protection and comfort of Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N). Grasshopper combines a host of superior comfort features with a wall of protection against dust and dirt – and that ultimate compliance-killer, fog. A soft EVA foam dust filter…


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