Ready for Battle: Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex Gloves

October 21, 2021

Brass Knuckle® Red Warrior SmartFlex (BK504) gloves provide excellent, spongelike slip resistance with a proprietary polyurethane foam coating process. Plus, they are 20 percent thinner than comparable 15-gauge coated gloves, yet thick on comfort and flexibility. Red Warrior gets its eye-catching red color from a seamless nylon knit material for maximum flex and tactile sensitivity,…


Milwaukee Introduces Heavy Duty Work Pants with FREEFLEX Mobility

October 14, 2021

Milwaukee Tool expands its lineup of workwear with the highly anticipated introduction of Heavy Duty Flex Work Pants. Providing comfort and mobility for long days and tough conditions without sacrificing durability, the new Heavy Duty Flex Work Pants are built to outlast the job. Designed with FREEFLEX™ Mobility, the broken in fabric allows for free…


Radians Takes First Steps into the Arm Protection Category with the Introduction of Kevlar Cut Sleeves in Eight Styles

October 12, 2021

Radians®, a top-tier manufacturer of quality safety products that help reduce workplace injuries, recently entered the arm protection category via the launch of its new Kevlar® cut sleeves. “We now have eight styles of cut sleeves,” said Justin Ladd, hand protection product manager, Radians.  “We strategically chose these eight styles because they will help satisfy…


The Three Keys to Hand Protection Management

October 11, 2021

By: David Shutt, Contributor On any given month, one might read about a dozen incidents resulting in injuries to the hands and arms. Gloves are the most common form of personal protective equipment (PPE) utilized, yet the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) still reports more than 140,000 lost-time hand injuries annually. Open any maintenance,…


Ergodyne Provides Solution to Dangerous Angled Impacts with Launch of New Skullerz Safety Helmets with Mips Technology

October 7, 2021

Ergodyne announced the highly anticipated launch of Skullerz® Safety Helmets with built-in Mips® technology to protect workers from dangerously overlooked angled impacts. Available in Class C and Class E, the new safety helmets are integrated with Mips®Elevate—a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally to redirect rotational energy that otherwise could be transferred to the head upon falling or impact. The integration fills a…


U.S. Made Americana Hard Hat with 4 Chin Strap Attachment Points

October 7, 2021

ERB Safety, Logo Leader and manufacturer of American made hard hats, offers the popular Americana® line of head protection with the latest addition of the Americana cap featuring 4-point chin strap attachment points. This Americana hard hat reportedly offers protection from falling or glancing objects with option to add a 4-point chin strap (sold separately). The…


FT-One Fit Full Body Harnesses by FallTech

September 22, 2021

FallTech® introduces the FT-One Fit™ premium full-body harness for women who require fall protection when working at height. FallTech observed and listened to working women talk about their challenges and discomfort after a hard day of work wearing currently available full-body harnesses. The FT-One Fit enables women to now achieve a customized fit. Gone are…


A+A 2021 Preview: Highlights at Leading Trade Fair for Safety, Security and Health at Work

September 14, 2021

More than 1,000 exhibitors will present comprehensive insights, solutions and products for the future of work at the upcoming A+A, International Trade Fair with Congress for Safety, Security and Health at Work. The event will take place at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 26 – 29. The successful staging of A+A 2021 is ensured by…


Memphis-Based Radians Donates Nine Hefty Pallets of PPE to Help with Hurricane Ida Relief

September 10, 2021

Radians®, a Memphis-based top-tier manufacturer and supplier of quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), donated nine hefty pallets of PPE to help with Hurricane Ida relief in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Livingston Parrish, and other cities impacted by Ida’s rain-flooded areas. To keep workers and volunteers safe, many of whom are utility and electrical workers from…


Bollé Safety Partners With SourceAmerica for Assembly in U.S.

September 9, 2021

Bollé Safety and SourceAmerica have teamed up to create job opportunities for people with disabilities at a nonprofit agency – New Hope, based in Texas. This effort is the first time that Bollé Safety, the Global PPE Eyewear Specialists has ever assembled in the United States. “At Bollé Safety, we are driven by a relentless…