Survey Reveals Gaps in Americans and Germans Understanding of Concussion Causes and Possible Risk Reduction

September 13, 2022

A new survey suggests a large disconnect in Americans’ and Germans’ education around concussions and how to reduce the risk of them using helmets. Among the most significant findings of the survey is that about 70 percent of both American and German helmet buyers are unaware of the term rotational motion. Lack of understanding of rotational motion,…


Milwaukee Tool Launches Full System of BOLT™ Eye and Face Protection

September 6, 2022

Milwaukee BOLT™ is the first system that allows users to secure accessories simultaneously for a complete head protection solution. Eye Visors, Polycarbonate Face Shields, Metal Mesh Face Shields, and a specially designed BOLT™ REDLITHIUM™ USB headlamp are joining the BOLT™ safety lineup. This new expansion of head protection accessories showcases Milwaukee’s dedication to helping keep users safe and productive. Eye…


Radians Launches a Dielectric Cap Mount Earmuff that Provides Greater Flexibility for Safety Helmet and Hard Hat Users

August 2, 2022

Top-tier PPE manufacturer Radians® recently added a climbing style safety helmet called Titanium™ to its head protection line. Now it has launched a dielectric cap mount earmuff that fits Titanium and most other slotted hard hats. This new earmuff attachment (NRR 25 dB) and Titanium provide a dual safety solution when head and hearing protection…


Revolutionizing Workplace Safety, The New Line of Type II+ WaveCel Hard Hats Launches for Heavy Industry Workers

June 28, 2022

WaveCel, the award-winning helmet technology that first appeared in the sports industry, has launched its new line of Type II+, full-brimmed hard hats – the WaveCel T2+ MAX ($189) vented hard hat for all-day wear and the WaveCel T2+ PRO ($169) non-vented hard hat for electrical jobs. In over 50 years, WaveCel, LLC is the…


HexArmor Partners with Guatemala-Based Titon Ideas to Release First-of-its-kind Safety Helmet Suspension System

June 10, 2022

HexArmor®, a global industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer, has partnered with a Guatemala-based engineering and innovation company, Titon Ideas, to combine HexArmor’s industry-leading safety helmets with Titon Idea’s first-of-its-kind, patented suspension system technology, Kinetix™. “Kinetix is a brand-new, concept for the industrial safety market,” said Juan Pablo Alfaro, co-founder and CEO, Titon Ideas. “It was…


Princeton Tec EOS® 360 Headlamp and Flasher Enhances Employee Performance and Safety

June 2, 2022

For industrial plants, utilities, and construction worksites, the Princeton Tec EOS 360 Headlamp and Safety Flasher provides powerful hands-free task lighting in low light areas, which improves employee vision and job performance at the worksite. Since it does double-duty as a helmet-mounted safety flasher it is also essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that helps employees…


Milwaukee Expands BOLT PPE Line Up with Sun Protection

May 2, 2022

Milwaukee Tool will be expanding its personal protective equipment lineup to feature BOLT™ sun protection accessories that connect to all Milwaukee® hard hats and helmets. The BOLT system allows users to secure accessories simultaneously to their Milwaukee® head protection, helping them stay safe and productive on the jobsite. “Heat illnesses have been a growing focus…


Protect the Asset: Understanding Head Protection

April 29, 2022

By David Ivey, Contributor   Falling objects represent a serious hazard for workers at many types of jobsites. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 217 deaths were caused by workers being struck by falling objects or equipment in 2020.1 In construction alone, these types of accidents accounted for 8% of all fatalities. According to…


Addressing Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Construction Safety Helmets

April 27, 2022

1. What is the main difference between conventional hard hats and safety helmets? ANSWER: A safety helmet features an integrated chin strap to ensure a comfortable and secure fit to a workers head – even in the event of a trip, slip or fall – eliminating the chance of the safety helmet dislodging if gravity…


Ergodyne Announces Soft Foam Bump Cap Insert

April 18, 2022

Ergodyne announced the launch of a new ultra-light, ultra-flexible soft foam bump cap insert that easily turns any hat into comfortable protection against head injury hazards like low ceilings, beams and pipes. The soft foam insert is the latest addition to the Skullerz line of light-duty head protection solutions intended for settings where workers aren’t required to…