Forklift Operator Assist Solution Wins Three Awards

May 15, 2024

Yale Lift Truck Technologies announces that the first-of-its-kind Yale Reliant™ operator assistance system is the winner of three awards, adding to the list of accolades that recognize the solution for helping to address unique operational safety risks in warehouses and other material handling operations. The technology reinforces lift truck operating best practices and supports operator awareness to help reduce…


Mobile Automation: Safety Beyond Sensors

April 25, 2024

Take a holistic approach to safety with your AGVs and AMRs. Contributor: MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Ask anyone considering mobile automation in the warehouse what their biggest concerns are, and they’ll likely mention safety as one of those concerns. Buyers are concerned about automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) colliding with people, lift…


Eight Things to Know About Netting

April 25, 2024

Solutions are available to keep workers safe and make products more accessible. By: Maureen Paraventi Industrial netting can be a reliable, cost effective way to keep people safe and inventory undamaged. It is a fixture in many warehouses, distribution centers and other facility types. Although netting seems relatively simple – especially in a landscape that may…


Martin Engineering Celebrates 50 Years of Air Cannon Technology

April 22, 2024

The world leader in bulk handling solutions Martin Engineering is marking the 50th anniversary of its invention of the world’s first low-pressure air cannon. Air cannons have transformed material flows in bulk processing systems, eliminating problematic internal buildups and blockages. After five decades of continuous innovation, Martin Engineering remains at the forefront of air cannon…


Pfannenberg Signal Beacons Announced from AutomationDirect

April 10, 2024

AutomationDirect has added Pfannenberg PYRA and PATROL series heavy-duty signal beacons to its growing lineup of visual and audible signaling devices. These versatile devices can withstand severe environments, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and satisfy numerous alarm, warning, and indication requirements. The PYRA series focuses on visual alerts and is ideal for discrete…


DuraLabel Announces In-House Sign and Label Print System

April 10, 2024

DuraLabel announces the immediate availability of its new Kodiak Max, Industrial Sign and Label Print Systems. Kodiak Max allows companies to bring multi-color, industrial strength sign and label production in-house. Users can instantly create messaging to their exact specifications; alter or append messages at a moment’s notice; create permanent safety signs or temporary / seasonal…


Video Series Educates Viewers About Protective Guarding

April 2, 2024

The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association offers this free online resource to share best practices with students and businesses. Contributor: ProGMA Among the top 10 causes of serious, disabling workplace injuries are falls to a lower level, falling items, being caught in machinery and pedestrian/vehicle incidents. Together, these four types of accidents cost employers $15.79 billion, according to…


Signaling Technology Critical for Maintaining Safety in Crane Hoist Applications

April 1, 2024

Audible and visible signals reduce risk of dangerous, costly accidents By Jacob Vernon, Signaling Specialist Audible & Visual Signaling, Pfannenberg Settings where crane hoists are employed pose significant dangers to technicians, operators, and other workers on the floor. Because of these safety risks, everyone on the floor must be alert to the crane and its…


Combilift Announces Lift Truck Safety Sensor

March 28, 2024

Forklift operators who are insufficiently aware of the load they are lifting and the risks that come with exceeding the forklift rated capacity not only compromise their own safety, but also place everyone working around them at serious risk. There are several factors that can influence a forklift truck to become overloaded and these include:…


Yale Expands Availability of Forklift Operator Assist Solution at MODEX

March 13, 2024

Technology designed to support warehouse safety initiatives now available on 59 Yale forklift models Yale Lift Truck Technologies announces the availability of its Yale Reliant™ forklift operator assist solution on an additional 16 Yale®models. The new entrants to the Yale Reliant lineup are predominantly warehouse lift trucks and expand the technology’s availability to a total of 59 models covering…


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