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Stress-Free Solutions with Westfalia Automated Systems

Automation is the secret to creating the flexibility and reliability needed to accommodate the demands of the supply chain now and into the future. Automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) are an ideal solution, maximizing storage density and optimizing throughput in warehouses across industries.

Westfalia’s automated systems:

  • Maximize available storage space in existing structures
  • Minimize overall building footprint up to 50% versus conventional warehouses
  • Reduce energy use, labor and product damage costs
  • Increase inventory accuracy and customer service

AS/RS combined with a warehouse execution system (WES), like Savanna.NET®, help to better control material flow and order fulfillment processes, providing accurate, real-time views of inventory and order management. AS/RS and WES are designed to be scalable, as demand and number of SKUs grow for companies of all sizes. In fact, designing the right solution should begin with raw order data, to establish peak performance requirements and projections for future growth plans. Westfalia’s comprehensive data analyses prior to design provide an in-depth, fresh look into how a business operates. These analyses include 3D simulations or models and SKU churn visualizations to find the practical solutions that will actually solve material handling challenges.

With the right plan, team, software, and technology in place, AS/RS typically has a less than five-year payback period and a 25-year lifespan—the ideal future-proof solution.

Investment in Westfalia’s automated systems is a venture into long term peace of mind. When your warehouse is ready to take the leap into automation, Westfalia’s team of experts is prepared to take you there. So take a deep breath, and let’s dive in.