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Haws® is the only safety equipment manufacturer providing warranty and field services for emergency shower and eye/face wash products of all brands to ensure equipment is functioning properly and meets ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliance.

Research has shown that an average of 88% of equipment is non-compliant and 78% of noncompliance is performance related. Most facility and safety professionals are unaware of the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 testing requirements and have products that are non-compliant.

As the industry leader, Haws can help bring awareness to the hidden dangers of inadequate emergency response by providing your facility with a proven road map to compliance. Our “4-Steps to Compliance” process is a “total solution” approach that helps customers achieve ANSI compliance and ensures properly functioning emergency equipment. By taking advantage of the Haws “4 Steps to Compliance”, facilities can ensure equipment meets the most recent ISEA/ANSI Z358.1 Standard.

Recently, a global leader in the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste was looking to install a tempering system for their existing emergency shower and eyewash equipment at a facility in Pennsylvania and contacted Haws Services. In discussions with the Project Engineer, they explained they were looking to make an investment in the tempering solution to comply with ANSI Z384.1 requirements. The site already had ten combination showers and eye/face wash units installed in the facility without tempering. The Haws team explained if their primary goal was compliance, investing in the tempered water skid was likely not going to help them achieve that larger goal. It would only ensure warm water from non-compliant equipment. Haws explained their “4-Steps to Compliance” approach to achieving ANSI Compliance. If compliance was the ultimate goal, following this process would be key to delivering the overall results they were hoping to achieve.

Starting with “Step 1” in the process - utilizing a complimentary onsite ANSI compliance survey of all their existing emergency showers and eyewashes - would help ensure a complete view of their compliance and non-compliance issues. The ANSI Inspection results identified 100% of the existing units were not working properly and were non-compliant, thereby unable to deliver proper first aid in the event of an emergency. In addition, some of the emergency equipment was not appropriate for the application, there were multiple issues with too much or too little flow, non-compliant flow patterns and, in a few cases, the equipment was not installed to align for simultaneous use of both the shower and the eye/face wash. During the inspection, the Project Engineer was also introduced to Haws patented AXION® eye/face wash technology. The site immediately liked that it solved many of their flow issues without the need to replace the complete unit – simply retrofit existing units. Following the survey, the existing ten combination showers were upgraded or replaced, and the tempering skid installed.

By partnering with Haws Services, you will receive unmatched support. Haws certified technical experts ensure ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliance on all types of emergency equipment, regardless of brand. And facilities have assurance that equipment will be properly tested weekly and annually, freeing up maintenance teams to focus on day-to-day operations.

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