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For more than 110 years, Haws® has been improving the health and safety of global communities by providing hydration, safety, and tempering solutions. Haws serves a variety of customers, from heavy industrial and refinery sites to schools and local municipalities.

Haws began its business in 1906 as a drinking fountain company, inventing the first sanitary drinking fountain in Berkeley, California. It continues to develop new methods for hydration delivery, always with the environment and end user in mind. During the 1950s, Haws introduced emergency drench showers and safety eyewashes into its manufacturing line, and the safety side of the business has continued to grow. Moving from California and establishing headquarters in Sparks, Nevada, in 1996, Haws has continued to expand, opening multiple global locations, and is now represented with locations in Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, Korea, India, and Brazil. With more than 8,000 distribution locations and 250 employees worldwide, Haws continually focuses on quality, service, reliability and complete solution support. To this day, Haws’ innovative spirit is driven by third, fourth and fifth generations of the Haws family.

Haws offers a wide portfolio of emergency eye/facewashes and showers. Most notably is the patented AXION MSR® technology. This ground-breaking technology continues to change the emergency response landscape by offering the only eye/face wash duplicating the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals. Products designed using the AXION MSR technology are the only products in the marketplace that provide integral flow control for ANSI Z358.1 compliant flow, velocity, and predictable stream height. The smooth laminar flow provides comfortable water pressure with inverted water streams that flush contaminants outward away from the tear ducts.

Through Haws Integrated, our dedicated teams of engineers work with customers to design, build, and implement standard and custom-engineered industrial safety response systems that provide ANSI compliant tempered water for large-scale decontamination and emergency wash installations. Haws Services complements Haws Integrated by providing service and warranty programs for all brands of emergency shower, eyewash, and eye/face wash products, ensuring emergency equipment to be ANSI compliant. From startup and commissioning to annual inspections and preventative maintenance, Haws Services’ experts specialize in emergency response equipment.

Haws is not only a manufacturer of safety equipment, but rather an organization that thrives on educating its employees and customers on the benefits of maintaining a strong safety culture. Safety is engrained in all that we do, from providing educational, CEU-certified trainings multiple times a year on the importance of ANSI Z358.1 compliance to hosting regional lunch and learns with our rep and distributor communities. Haws has also been recognized by OSHA with SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) status. Recently, Melanie Mayer, Haws Quality and Compliance Manager was recognized through the EHS Daily Advisor for the Young Professional Excellence in 2019.  Locally, Haws was recognized in 2018 by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) with the Existing Industry – Leader in Sustainability Award.

To contact Haws, visit www.Hawsco.com, or call 888.640.4297. To contact Haws Services directly, call 888.508.8065 or visit us online at HawsServices@Hawsco.com.

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