Camfil Air Pollution Control

Camfil Air Pollution Control
3505 S. Airport Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Camfil APC is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial dust, mist and fume collection systems. It is a division of air filtration company Camfil, based in Sweden. The company’s flagship product is the newly-launched Gold Series X-Flo dust collection system which safely captures and contains all kinds of toxic and combustible dusts and fumes.

Combustible Dust Compliance

Camfil APC compliance experts can recommend dust collectors with explosion venting and isolation equipment that satisfies all OSHA and NFPA combustible dust compliance guidelines. Camfil APC offers:

•             OSHA and NFPA compliance expertise

•             Explosion prevention devices manufactured according to NFPA standards

•             Complete technical and engineering support

•             A fully equipped test lab

•             A full-scale test rig for product testing according to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199

•             High efficiency cartridge dust collectors built to customer requirements

Key Product Lines

The Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) dust collection system collects fine, fibrous and heavy dust loads, and exceeds OSHA mandates for factory air quality. When equipped with a Camfil explosion vent, the GSX offers the highest combustible dust explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards.

Quad Pulse Package PX compact dust collectors can be positioned on the production floor to remove hazardous dusts in high concentrations. They feature an automated filter cleaning system and also provide explosion protection.

The Handte Vortex wet scrubber captures very sticky dusts and fibers, as well as highly explosive metallic, chemical and other dusts. It provides wetting of combustible dusts, eliminating the need for costly ancillary explosion protection devices.

Camfil APC also manufactures mist collectors used for use in metal machining applications. Mist collectors capture coolants and lubricants that become airborne before they can be inhaled by workers, settle on their skin or become a slipping hazard.

In addition to equipment, the company manufactures a full range of replacement filter cartridges using HemiPleat® technology to fit most other dust collector brands. Replacing standard filters with HemiPleat filters increases any dust collector’s performance, and is guaranteed to provide a 30% longer filter life than competitors’ filters. 

Manufacturing Excellence

The company’s corporate headquarters in Jonesboro, Arkansas includes a state-of-the-art test lab to simulate full-scale testing, including ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199 testing. This testing provides comparison data on emissions, pressure drop, compressed air usage, energy consumption and emission readings, taking the guesswork out of equipment selection to help identify the best dust collection equipment for the job.

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