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Safety Checklists for Powered Industrial Trucks

Checklists developed by UAW-Ford National Joint Committee on Health and Safety are provided by OSHA to reinforce the agency’s requirement that employers provide training to powered industrial truck operators. They also address vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator will be required to perform. There are checklists for each type of vehicle, including:

  • Electric forklift trucks
  • Propane forklift trucks
  • Yard forklift trucks
  • Electric transtacker
  • Riding grip tow
  • Stand-up riding tow tractor
  • Walking pallet truck
  • Walking transtacker
  • Tow tractors
  • Industrial tractors
  • Reach trucks
  • Order pickers

Depending upon your facility’s fleet, you can use individual checklists, or compile one that can be used for any type of truck.

OSHA offers the lists as a guide only, and recommends the manufacturer’s instructions on vehicle maintenance and owner’s and operator’s responsibilities also be consulted. The OSHA standards for powered industrial trucks should be evaluated to ensure compliance. To access the checklists, click here.


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