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The February Issue

By Joan Mantini

Did you know that the hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body? According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of tools.” Generally speaking, hand symbolize strength, power and protection. Now, think of how often you use your hands in the workplace. Whether it’s data entry or operating machinery, your hands are involved in almost all you do.

Indeed, hand injuries in the workplace make up a large percentage of all workplace injuries. When it comes to jobs like heavy hauling or crane work operations, having full use of your hands is vital. Preventing hand injuries on the work site is important, which is why there are many safety precautions in place for impeding injuries such as wearing gloves.  Wearing gloves can provide an extra level of protection for hands and fingers. However, finding the proper glove for the job at hand is equally important.

In the February issue of Workplace Material Handling & Safety readers will find our second edition of “The Glove Issue,” which examines the hazards workers face today in hand safety, as well as how to abide to compliances geared toward reducing hand injury rates while on the job.

In addition to the glove section, our Safety articles also include: taking a look at the myths and misconceptions when it comes to first aid and CPR; a look into the safety products all welders should be wearing and the options they have available to them; and how making changes to reduce the overall risk to employees when it comes to loud noise dangers is possible.

Let’s not overlook what the February issue has to offer on the material handling side where readers can learn how analyzing their day to day operations can create better material handling processes and provide better material flow with utilizing the proper equipment. A cost savings to say the least.  Speaking of cost savings…

Every year companies are spending huge sums of money just to get rid of trash. In this month’s article on compactors, readers can learn the benefits of compactors in material handling and how they are helping reduce waste volume and saving money.

What about MODEX? The MODEX 2020 preview gives readers glimpse into the upcoming conference taking place March 9-12 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. Will you be there?  If so, send me an email and we can schedule a booth visit.  I’d love to be able to drop in and learn more about your company.

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