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What To Know To Label Your Warehouse

Warehouse Label Design Basics
Proper labeling of a warehouse for companies installing automatic data collection for a WMS is a key to a successful project. A warehouse label is not just a label… identifies, confirms and directs operators to work efficiently. The most common symbologies used for industrial applications are Code 128, Code 39, and interleaved 2 of 5. Selection of the proper materials and adhesives are a key element. Label materials affect the durability, label life and scan distance. Selection of the proper adhesive depends on the environment the label will be exposed to. ADC Technologies can take the risk out of your project through our extensive knowledge base.

Location data preparation
In order to create the warehouse location labels, a data file with the appropriate information for all locations is required. The data file comes from an accurate warehouse map of locations. The list of locations is a database of variable information that will be used by the label printing software. Each label type (size/format) will require its own file for printing.

Pre-Printed labels vs. Print In-House
The option of printing your warehouse labels and signs in-house versus purchasing labels from a third party requires careful consideration. Purchasing pre-printed warehouse location labels from an experienced vendor like ADC Technologies can save you time and money. Our area of expertise goes beyond bar code labels and includes the scanners to be used in your warehouse environment.

Our experts provide value and insights that go well beyond the cost of labels.

Installation of Warehouse Labels & Signs
When labeling a warehouse, here are installation tips and considerations for labeling different areas of the warehouse:

Racks/Shelves: Racks, bins and shelves should be clean and dry. If there are existing labels on the racks, it’s best to remove or cover them before applying new labels. A magnetic template or other cut out can be used to place the label in a specific and consistent position. Usually, the most efficient way to apply them is by Level.

Location Signs: Rack area aisle signs are often attached directly to the racks. Signs that are suspended above floor locations should be several feet above the highest level of floor stacked products. Dock door signs are typically affixed directly to the door or on the right side wall. In-stallation of labels and signs in a cold environment must include freezer grade adhesives or the use of cable ties.

ADC Technologies offers full installation services. Ask us for a quote to make sure your warehouse is labeled and ready to go in time for your “go live” date.

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