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Are you ready for a medical emergency at your facility?

A Q&A with ZOLL

When a medical emergency happens in a public place, why isn’t it sufficient to just wait for trained EMTs to arrive?

The average EMS response time is 7-14 minutes in rural areas, and upwards of 30 minutes in an urban area. When an emergency strikes, time is of the essence. For each minute that passes for a sudden cardiac arrest victim without bystander CPR, their chance of survival decreases 10%. If the victim is suffering a traumatic injury such as severe bleeding, it can be fatal in 3-5 minutes. It is crucial that bystanders have the confidence to act quickly, and the resources nearby to help, such as AEDs or trauma kits. The American College of Surgeons estimates that 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year if medical care was provided by someone at the scene, and survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest can increase by 60% when a shock is delivered within three to four minutes of an SCAs victim’s collapse.

Can a bystander who doesn’t have AED training use a ZOLL AED to help a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest?

Yes – anyone can use an AED. ZOLL Public Access AEDs are designed for unexpected, untrained heroes. Our AEDs all have Real-time CPR Feedback technology which guides an untrained lay rescuer on the optimal rate and depth of chest compressions through voice, text and visual prompts that help ensure the delivery of high-quality CPR. ZOLL AEDs provide step-by-step instructions and corrective guidance to support a rescuer through the rescue process.

Do most public facilities have adequate first aid kits? What constitutes one?

Most public facilities have some sort of first aid kit. Traditional first aid kits can patch up scraped knees, but they don’t generally include lifesaving supplies like tourniquets, pressure dressings, or face shields. Because severe bleeding, airway complications, and other emergencies can become fatal before an ambulance arrives, it’s important for bystanders to have quick access to potentially lifesaving medical supplies and instructions for how to use them.

Having supplies is one thing, but knowing what to use for specific types of injuries is another. What ZOLL product can help people figure out what to do for people who have critical injuries (until professional help arrives)?

ZOLLs Mobilize trauma kits are more than first aid or stop-the-bleed kits. Each of the 4 different versions pair medical supplies with an interactive instructional app, enabling bystanders to help treat victims while EMS is on the way. This unique integrated system allows users to asses, manage, and treat victims. The Mobilize Rescue App, installed on a tablet within the unit, or on a smartphone, supports bystanders with real-time interactive instructions on how to use the equipment to manage care. It includes more than 35 different types of medical supplies to treat a multitude of traumatic injuries and medical issues. All of the supplies are clearly labeled and color-coded to match the instructions given from the app. There is also an extra space for additional supplies such as an EpiPen or Narcan. There are 4 versions of the Mobilize trauma kit: comprehensive, mobile, public access, and compact. The comprehensive includes a durable, water resistant case with integrated tablet, and provides the maximum protection for supplies. The Mobile trauma kit is a lightweight backpack version of the Comprehensive. The Public Access is a carry bag with 4 individual utility kits inside which can be used by multiple rescuers for multiple victims. It pairs with an app on a smartphone which can be easily distributed to everyone in an organization so anyone can help in an emergency. The compact kit is small and lightweight for placement in work trucks, in the office, and other accessible locations, or to take on the go. When paired with the rescue app, the user can get step-by-step interactive instructions on how to use the provided medical supplies to treat victims in the critical moments before EMS arrives.

How can managers take their readiness to the next level with Rescue Ready Services?

ZOLLs program management offerings limit a manager’s maintenance responsibly to they can have peace of mind knowing that they are both ready and protected. With ZOLL Rescue Ready® Services, you’re immediately alerted when your rescue equipment or any other aspect of your program requires attention. PlusTrac® is our cloud-based software platform that ensures your AED program is compliant and your medical equipment is ready to use. It will remind you when it’s time to change out your AED pads and batteries and will even remind you to schedule your next training class, so you can be sure your rescuers are ready to respond with confidence in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. PlusCare™ is our national network of experienced, certified service providers who offer on-site service and maintenance, annual inspections, device troubleshooting, and more. PlusLearning™ is our flexible AED, CPR, and first add classes which are offered nationally in small-group settings.

What kinds of facilities could benefit from the ZOLL ResQSystem solution? What does it involve?

Any kind of facility can benefit from the ZOLL ResQSystem solution. The ResQSystem solution is a valuable combination of a ZOLL AED, paired with a ZOLL Mobilize trauma kit and a robust program management package. Our turn-key solution offers the best-in-class technology, real-time interactive instructions, a comprehensive set of medical supplies and robust software, service, support and training which is customizable to fit any size organization.

Describe a real-life incident in which a ZOLL AED saved a life.

We receive multiple messages a month about how a ZOLL AED saved someone’s life. Some recent examples are in schools, law enforcement patrol cars, or a department store. One that sticks out most recently is an 8-year-old boy in gym class. He collapsed and was saved thanks to a great emergency access plan that was put into place, and the school having multiple ZOLL AEDs in cabinets on the wall. One teacher did CPR while the other ran to get the AED. The little boy was shocked and awake before EMS even arrived. He is here today due to the quick action of those teachers and the ZOLL AED. We have a program called Heroes for Life where you can read other instances of lives being saved:

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