Jtec Industries, Inc.

Jtec Industries, Inc.
201 Carver Lane
East Peoria, IL 61611

Jtec Industries, Inc., located in East Peoria, Illinois, is a completely vertically-integrated design and manufacturing company which produces unique Material Handling Industrial Carts, including two award-winning cart systems, to move materials safely and efficiently throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities world-wide. It also manufactures light and heavy-duty towable trailer solutions, heavy cart movers for operator push-and-pull assist, and many related cart accessories.

Its patented CarryMore® Tugger Cart System, regarded as the leading Mother/Daughter cart system in North America, and its new CarryMatic® No-Touch Materials Movement System, are poised to help carry the industry into a totally fork-free delivery state, the next desired step in manufacturing to improve safety and efficiency.

CarryMore® Tugger Cart System

Jtec’s patented Elemate® technology, embedded in the CarryMore Mother and Daughter Carts, allows Daughter Carts to ride off the floor when being transported atop Mother Carts.  These Daughter Carts actually hold the materials and they are mechanically lifted onto and unloaded off of Mother Carts with a gravity-assist feature. No hydraulics or pneumatics are needed to lift those carts off the floor. With Daughter Carts completely off of the floor when towed, noise associated with trailing carts on the floor and unnecessary caster wear is avoided. It also allows Daughter Carts to incorporate one or two ridged casters and two swivel casters to make maneuverability safe when they are pushed. Jtec offers hundreds of Daughter Cart design solutions to handle most any configuration of parts that need to be transported.  Its Mother Cart models can carry up to 4000 lbs. in a Quad-Steer configuration, and 2000 lbs. in a Center-Steer design. Mother Carts track precisely, accommodating tight-aisle use.

CarryMatic® No-Touch Materials Movement System

J-tec’s No-Touch CARRYMATiC® smart cart systems are custom-designed smart carts and stations which transfer and receive materials in a hands-free environment and are designed to work with autonomous AGV’s or manual tugger vehicles.

This system consists of smart carts, smart line transfer stations, a vehicle interface module (VIM) and proprietary supervisor software for integration with AGV route guidance . Carts are pulled in a train by an unmanned AGV (auto mode) or manned tugger vehicle (manual mode) throughout facilities, automatically transferring cargo on and off of carts and stations at designated destinations. This is a totally hands-free solution that can eliminate fork truck usage for deliveries.

CarryMatic’s® auto mode uses AGV’s or mobile robots to pull carts. No operator is needed. The AGV simply drives a pre-determined route with a train of carts and transfers materials via powered rollers at appropriate locations. Deliveries are pre-programmed through Jtec’s CarryMatic® software, which communicates with the AGV. Highly visible stack lights on each cart and station indicate all material transfer activity. CarryMatic’s® software and hardware can be integrated at multiple levels of operations depending on the specific needs of the customer. It can be integrated with lineside equipment.

In manual mode, tugger operators drive predetermined routes and use a tugger-mounted touchscreen to facilitate transfers.

CarryMatic® systems eliminate common ergonomic safety risks often associated with lifting and bending when transporting and transferring materials. CarryMatic® ensures accurate and timely deliveries of materials to appropriate locations, on schedule, maximizing productivity and lineside space.

Jtec’s CarryMatic® Smart Cart System:

  • Transfers Materials to Carts and Stations Automatically
  • Configured for Autonomous or Manual Tuggers
  • Built to Custom Sizes for Carts and Stations
  • Integrates with Automated Line Side Equipment

Jtec’s heavy-duty CarryMax® trailers are also custom-built and can carry massive loads as low as 3,000 lbs. up to 30,000 lbs. These tongue-and-hitch trailers are designed with Quad-Steer steering, meaning they can maneuver expertly through tighter aisles.

The Jtec light-duty CarryLite tuggable carts are designed to carry loads of up to 3,000 lbs. and, with the flip of its towing tongue and floorlock combo, serves as an easy-to-push lite-duty floor cart.

Jtec is well positioned for continued growth with its three facilities totaling 172,000 sq. ft. in East Peoria, including one for administration, warehousing and shipping; one for machining, fabrication and welding; and its newly converted original site now used as a coatings facility with wet, powder, polyuria, and even black oxide coatings.

Contact Jtec today for all of your materials movement needs at (309) 698-9301 or at www.jtecindustries.com.


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