Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems

Amerden Inc.

Founded in 1988, Amerden AGVs is a full service AGV System provider, including consulting, design, manufacture, installation and long-term support of your AGV System. Working with the latest in AGV control and vehicle design technologies, Amerden provides cost effective solutions to meet the most challenging load handling and operational requirements.

From manufacturing to warehousing every AGV environment is different. At Amerden, each AGV system is uniquely engineered to meet your exact requirements. When choosing Amerden as your AGV system vendor you receive a quality product and support from the company who services, repairs, and supports AGV systems to the component level.

Jtec Industries, Inc.

Jtec Industries, Inc., located in East Peoria, Illinois, is a completely vertically-integrated design and manufacturing company which produces unique Material Handling Industrial Carts, including two award-winning cart systems, to move materials safely and efficiently throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities world-wide. It also manufactures light and heavy-duty towable trailer solutions, heavy cart movers for operator push-and-pull assist, and many related cart accessories.

Savant Automation, Inc

Savant Automation, Inc. sells, configures, manufactures, installs, and services robust Automatic Guided Vehicles and Carts all employing our ‘tape/target-free’, CAD map path navigation. We are unique because we have always developed our own core technology (vehicles, navigation, system control architecture). System ‘virtual path’ operation is visually-configured, modeled and executed using our one-of-a-kind, iQ-CAN™ Windows PC program (with no software coding). This allows customers to ‘test-drive’ their systems before they buy.

With an uninterrupted 60+ year history beginning with the invention of the AGV in 1954, our large customer base is testament to our byline……..”Providing Superior AGV/AGC Systems Is What We Do, Because It’s ALL We Do.”.