Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


ENMET manufactures a wide array of environmental and industrial health and safety monitoring instruments for a variety of hazardous gas conditions. Products range from compressed airline monitors and continuous multi-channel fixed systems to autonomous gas chromatographic fenceline monitoring systems. Our compressed breathing air product line features the AirGuard, a next-generation portable breathing air system that meets NFPA and OSHA Grade D breathing air requirements. AirGuard regulates, purifies and monitors supplied breathing air for both safety and comfort. ENMET’s GC based products offer a new cost-effective approach to benzene trace level detection (sub ppb) at the fenceline and in the workplace with the ability to provide specific gas analysis in complex mixtures. The eGC is designed to be an autonomous field instrument capable of operating while using only solar power allowing mobility convenience of deployment to specific emission and remote site areas. We provide expert technical assistance, including problem assessment and product selection, as well as advice on system installation and training. Contact ENMET today to find out more about our compressed breathing air monitoring and filtration systems used in many industries and our GC products focusing on air quality environmental emissions for oil refinery and petrochemical industries.

Shenzhen NOYAFA Electronic Co., Ltd.

NOYAFA is China's leading test and measurement manufacturing brand, and has passed ISO9001 quality system, CE, FCC, REACH, ROHS certificates, and got a number of technology patents.

Noyafa researches, develops, produces, and sells Network Cable Testers, Underground Wire Locators, CCTV Security Camera Testers, Fiber Testers, Air Quality Testers, Laser Rrangefinders, and GPS Land Meters. 

Noyafa has created an influential, passionate and diversified team. Its overseas markets are all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia. Noyafa develops product lines and expands business together with global customers, and it’s committed to becoming a leader in the foreign industry.