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The Jet-Kleen: Shop Online for Jet-Kleen Series Products

Specialized Safety Products and AWT World Trade are pleased to announce the launch of its user-friendly, new Jet-KleenTM e-commerce website.

“Increasing awareness of the dangers and costs of compressed air has led many woodshops and metalworkers to seek out a safe and effective alternative for their operations,” said Michael Green, president, AWT. “Which has in turn created a growing demand for the Jet-Kleen across a range of disciplines and industries.”

These customers use Jet-Kleen units to improve safety and significantly reduce cleanup times in woodshops, metal shops, industrial and production facilities, and any environment where safety and efficiency are paramount.

Woodworkers and production personnel often resort to dangerous and potentially lethal compressed air for cleanup and debris removal. The dangers associated with the use of compressed air systems in woodshops and industrial facilities are well-documented by medical researchers and regulatory authorities such as OSHA and the Council of Europe. Moreover, high-pressure compressed air may damage expensive equipment and accessories.

Jet-Kleen units utilize a blower-driven system to deliver a high volume of air at an ultra-safe 1.9-3.0 psi, depending on the model selected, which is an effective pressure range for most screen drying applications and well within applicable OSHA guidelines. The safe alternative to compressed air, which can also contain oil and particulate matter, the Jet-Kleen series provides clean air at an effective volume, while also maintaining low noise levels.

The Jet-Kleen series includes the original Jet-Kleen and the Jet-Kleen Limited. Both are offered in portable and wall-mount models with a variety of options and attachments available. For facilities seeking air gun performance without the dangers and costs of compressed air systems, the smart solution is the Jet-Kleen series from Specialized Safety Products and AWT World Trade, Inc.

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