Distribution Centers/Warehouse

Jan Fan Releases Six New Products

Jan Fan, a Hunter Industrial Fan company specializing in a variety of industrial and mobile work fans, announces the release of six new products. Articulating Arm. The Articulating Arm reportedly offers fans, ranging up to 24 inches, […]

Distribution Centers/Warehouse

How HVLS Fans Can Help HVAC Systems

By Mark D’Agostino, Contributor If you operate a large-scale facility, you’ve likely received an electricity bill of similar scale. Aside from common HVAC issues (lack of maintenance, dirty or clogged filters, etc.), using an HVAC […]

Distribution Centers/Warehouse

The Need for Speed in the Age Of eCommerce

By Derek Rickard, Contributor When Amazon burst onto the scene around 25 years ago, few could envision how the then-novel idea of online shopping would radically transform consumer habits and expectations. Today, eCommerce continues to […]

Distribution Centers/Warehouse

How HVLS Fans Enhance Workplace Facilities

By Jeff Watson, Hunter Industrial Senior Vice President & General Manager Your facility’s indoor air quality, in many ways, sets the tone for your workforce––from improving employee productivity, to creating a safer working environment to […]

Conveyors & Sortation

MHS Launches New Large Parcel Singulator

MHS announced a new singulation solution for high-throughput parcel operations. The new Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Large Parcel Singulator is designed to keep automated sortation systems running smoothly, transforming a bulk flow of packages into […]